What is MegaCalendar?

MegaCalendar is a plugin for redmine, which gives you a better overview about your issues and holidays.
Stay tuned with the following links:

MegaCalendar on redmine.org Repository on github

If you need other changes for redmine, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Download MegaCalendar

Nice calendar with tooltips

Get a better overview

More calendar views

Choose your view: month, week or day

Change your dates very fast via drag and drop

You can easily manage your issues or holidays. Just drag and drop them to the right date.

Your own calendar view

Use the MyPage section to get a quick overview about your tickets and holidays.

Find unused time

Define a specific color for every user to find easily unused timespots.

You don't like the default colors?

No problem, define it on the settings page.

You want to use your own calendar application?

Sure, export the issues as .ics-file and import it to your calendar program. You can import the ICS file in every supported calendar program like Thunderbird or Outlook.